Monday, March 21, 2005

...And then his foot was run over by a car!!

It's Monday once again, back to the grind...haha, grind? Yeah right. My job's really not that hard. Partly why it's so great. I'm actually at work right now, just finished eating some bipimbap (basically rice, vegetables, and some spicy red pepper sauce...oh yeah, and the fried egg). I'm content right now, ready to teach my last class, conversational english, to 6 grade 8 kids. They're really fun. I always feel bad for them, cause it's late, and they're usually hungry, so sometimes I bring them candy. That, and I'm usually pretty strict, so candy always seems to smooth things out :). You all know how I am...I'm still me, Andrea...says it like it is...and sometimes crosses the line. Just ask Rob, he'll tell ya. He's probably had just about enough of my straight up honesty I'm sure.

This weekend Rob and I went for round two of Korean lessons. We learned double consonants and double vowles...holy crap, I don't think I have single consonants and single vowels am I supposed to do double? Well, I'm learning, but it's super tough. I don't feel like I can really do much, but maybe someday soon I"ll call some of you and just go off in Korean, see how that pans out...
Anyway, at our Korean class Rob got talking to a couple of guys, and the guy asks "where are you from?" Rob says, "Vancouver". The guy says, "Shut up! Where?...I'm from Richmond!" How weird is that? Anyway, his name is Matt, super cool guy, 23 years old, lives in Richmond and goes to church in Vancouver. Talk about random. He came and hung out with Me, Rob, Erin, and Erin's roomate Sarah. It was a lot of fun. We went to this one market together called Namdaemun Market, about 40 minutes from my house. We were walking down the streets and someone asked what this odd tube shaped substance was that some old woman was cooking on a portable vending grill. Matt turned, looked behind him and started explaining it. I saw a car coming toward I started to push him outta the way, all of a sudden I heard a shriek. No kidding, a shriek. Then Matt goes, "Oh my goodness, I always wondered what having your foot run over by a car felt like!" and then he looked down and showed us the tire tread marks on his shoe. I seriously almost fell over laughing. We just met this guy, but we were already making fun of him.

Later that night we all went to this church an hour away from home. It was pretty cool, and yes, it was an English service. The church is quite big, the structure itself would put SDBC to shame. The thing that I was most shocked about was the vendors selling stuff in the courtyard of the church. It reminded me of that one episode of the Simpsons where the church gets sponsors and has money changers...y'know, the whole Jesus kicks over tables in the temple thing, only in the Simpsons the Jesus figure is honest and righteous Lisa Simpson. Anyway, it was quite overwhelming. Although they also had an after church lunch in the courtyard, which was pretty cool. The preaching was good, so was the worship, I think I'll head back there next week. Rob and I both went to the "welcome table" and talked with some people at the church. Its funny how fast we've met people who go there and how many people we recognize...cause this was our first service. I'm still really praying that I can fit into some sort of church community, it's starting to come together, but it's far from being where I'd like it to be.

It was a good weekend overall. It's kinda sad that I can't see the new friends that I've made and the old friends that I have already had during the week. It's not like at home when you can just chill whenever you want to. You've really got to plan you r weekends. I think that we're all thinking of doing something more "cultural" next weekend. Possibly checking out one of the old unused prisons from when the Japanese where here a hundred years ago. Should be pretty cool. Erin and I decided that we really need to start doing some more things that I are more "travel-like" because it's so easy to settle into the "well, I just work and live here" life.

Life here is so much different than it is at home, but I am settling in just fine. Keep me in your prayers and email me your thoughts, I'd love to hear them over here in South Korea!

Talk to you soon...


Blogger *Tara* said...

Hey Andrea!

Sounds like you've been doing many fun and exciting things in South Korea lately! It looks like you're getting along with your new friends pretty well too :p. Thanks for posting pictures! I always love pictures. Hopefully it won't be long before you get adjusted into the church community there; I'm sure it will happen in time. Anyway, keep trusting God like you are! You're in our prayers.


PS- 5 days until sweet 16!

9:58 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

Pescalido! It's so fun to hear all of your adventures. Guess what!? My exciting news for the week is that along with a Teaching ESL class that I'm going to take at LCC, I'm also taking a practicum and will get to teach in Lithuanian schools. I'm so excited and all your experiences are encouraging! Anyways, I just wanted to say that you are definately in my thoughts and prayers. God is definately doing amazing things through you! I love you! Heidi

11:00 PM  

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