Monday, April 25, 2005

I found out my hair can be wavy!


Well, as the title states, I have wavy hair. What a realization! So I woke up Saturday morning and I was too lazy to do anything, so I had a quick shower and was in no mood to blowdry, let alone brush my hair. I looked in the mirror and thought "my hairs always kinda wavy after showers...but then I brush it...hmmmm I wonder...". Low and behold, with a little gel, it goes wavy! I had no idea...what a great solution to not wanting to brush your hair!!! So fast and easy.

That aside, I had an interesting weekend. Not necessarily my favorite so far, but one that I will remember for a while yet. Friday I stayed up super late, we went for dinner with the foreign teachers from the other branch of my school. The school paid, it was pretty fun for that fact alone. I was out pretty late and didn't sleep much that night, so the whole day Saturday I was prety tired.

We ventured off to Olympic park where the 1988 Olympics were held in Seoul. Remember Ben Johnson and his roid usage? Yeah, that's where it all happened. Go Canada. We missed our subway stop so we went WAY out of our way to get there and ended up spending a lot of extra time chillin on the train. We had to make it fun, so Me, Matt, Jessica, and Rob decided to see if we could run as fast as we could on a crowded subway from the end car to the front car. We weaved in and out of the crowds and Matt almost knocked a girl right over, while Rob was busy knocking books out of the clutches of innocent bystanders. We made it back to front in 2 stops, our first record. We will try for personal bests at later dates. Who needs the '88 Olympics when you have new events that we can enter into Vancouver 2010.

After Olympic park we went by Matt's house for the first time. Rob had decided to stay the night, but since I was so tired from the previous night I wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed. I thought the subway stopped running at midnight, but I was informed by two males (..ahem...) that "oh no the subway will run one full length starting at twelve...why would it just stop where it is at 12?" Ok, I thought. So I went to the station by myself around 11. Just as I arrived I saw the subway that ran the full length pull away. I figured that another would come...and it did, but it was only a subway that ran half of the way home. So I figured maybe if I took it the one I wanted would be right behind it. Nope. No such luck. So there I am standing in Seoul at midnight, by myself and I don't know how to get home. So what did I do? Suck it up and figure it out? Nope, I certainly did not. I started crying. I cried for a while and then called Rob and all I managed to say was "I don't know how to get home". He's all like "Andrea, calm down..." Eventually I did, but you know that feeling when all you want to do is go to bed? Yeah, I had that. I just wanted to be home. I ended up taking a cab across the city, which cost me $25. I know, you're thinking...big deal. Understand this: that's SUPER expensive here. I could have got home on the subway for a little over a dollar. I paid 25. I wasn't happy. Eventually I got home after a full tour of the city at night and went to bed, but not after explaining the story to Kiki on the phone. I had to tell someone!

Sunday I went to a church called Onnuri English Ministry at Yanjae ( It was a LOT better than the last one I attended, even though they are affiliated. Thanks to those of you who have been praying that I'll find a church. I think I'll try to settle in there for now. I really enjoyed it. The pastor was awesome and stuck to scripture AND made it interesting. Who knew that was possible!?!?

Anyway, like I said. This wasn't my favorite weekend, but it was still fun in its own odd way. I did realize something though. I realize that I've been taking for granted the blessings that God has been giving me Christian friends. I've met quite a few friends who are believers and it's such an incredible blessing that I've formed friendships with them. Up until this weekend I had really taken it for granted, but I know now that God had his hand in it and he is continuing to allow me to meet more and more people. I met a couple of Trinity grads this weekend at church random is that???

Well, continue to pray that I will find an encouraging community to be surrounded with for the next ten months. I will continue to pray for you all.

Miss you!


Blogger Finch said...

i wish our country had more giant thumb sculptures. maybe someday...

1:52 PM  
Blogger RoeRoe said...

Andrea, being stuck in Seoul at 12am would not be fun! Sorry you had to endure the high rate of taxi fare. Although I'm glad that taxis are safe for you to go alone 12am! And your hair looks great! When I looked at your pictures that was the first thing I noticed! I was like "Her hair looks's getting longer but that's not's wavey! It looks so good!" Love it!

5:19 PM  
Blogger Kiki said...

i have something to tell you- a piece of wisdom from the secret fountain of the wealth of knowledge on non-straight hair that i have inherited from those who have gone before me, i trust you will use this well, and for good, not for evil: Mousse is the miracle product that you must love. If you thought gel did a good thing, wait till you try mousse, its lighterweight, and scrunches hair better. Just trust me on this, sunscreen.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Finch: Don't worry, 2010 is coming. Thumb sculptures aren't that far off!

Rochelle: It's a safe city.

Kiki: Thanks for the hair tip. I'll go invest in some mousse. This is the weirdest hair phenomenon. I definitely love the convienience and speed with which I do my hair these days.

8:51 PM  
Blogger robtegelberg said...

talk about convieniance... i dont even brush my hair i just wash... then dry. ah the life of being a guy. ps as long as its really short or really long it doesnt get poofy its when its at that middle stage that you get the fro power,.

4:32 AM  

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