Sunday, May 22, 2005

Land of Green

Yesterday Rob, Erin and I decided to walk around Suwon's Fortress Wall. Suwon is a city just south of Seoul accessible by subway, which has a population of about 1 million people. That number compared to the 15 million living in the small area of Seoul makes quite a difference!

Anyway, we didn't know much about what we were getting ourselves into. Rob and I started the hour and forty-five minute subway ride from our house and Erin met us part way there from a different station. Once we got there we hit up tourist information to try to find the way to this fortress wall. I hadn't heard much about it when I decided to go there, only the short blurb that I found in the Lonely Planet Korea book (such a great help by the way!).

We took a cab to this palace, but we didn't go inside because it was closing in half an hour from the time we arrived. We climbed a small hill of stairs to the starting point, decided which direction we wanted to head, and began what became a 5.7km walk taking us a little under three hours.

The sights were really beautiful. Sometimes when we peered through the small holes it seemed that Robin Hood was going to come and save Maid Marrian. The amount of green surrounding the wall was incredible. More than I have seen in a while. Then again, I was outside of Seoul, there seems to be a lot more beauty outside the city. I definitely look forward to times when I can get away from the craziness.

It was an exhausting day with travel from the city and walking a ton, but well worth it. I really enjoyed my day there and I will most likely go back soon.


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