Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chunjae Gongju (Genius Princess = ME!)

I discovered the meaning of these Korean words (Chunjae Gongju) and I decided that I would tell one Korean teacher that it was my nickname. She thought it was hillarious (and apparently not believalble...I dont understand!), so she proceeded to tell the entire office. They all laughed, but now they DO refer to me as the Genius Princess.

I win.

I don't like Monsoon season in Korea. It's too hot, too rainy, and I don't get to see the sun. Honestly, it's not fun weather to be living in.

Complaining aside...last night we had a dinner for the foreign teachers at both branches of our English Academy. I'm still not sure why we had the dinner, but free BBQ beef...that's a good enough reason for me. It's kinda nice hanging out with the teachers from the other branch too. I get along with them pretty well, so we usually have a lot of fun.

After our dinner, and a pretty inappropriate speech made by one of the teachers at the main branch, Me, Rob, Amy, Jesse, Joseph (my boss), and another Korean dude from the main branch went to a Noribang (Singing Room). This was my second trip to Korea's version of Karaoke. It was a LOT of fun. Turns out that Joseph, my boss, really enjoys singing hardcore slash hard rock slash rap songs from both Korea and the US. Who knew. I mean, it's really funny when I think, where else am I really going to do this with my boss? It's hillarious when I think about it really.

Anyway, we sang tons of songs and spent a few hours there. u singing rooms are different than Karaoke Bars because they are private rooms that you and your friend use and you get to choose any songs you want. There are also waiters that bring you drinks and snacks. So you can really just hang out for a few hours and act like a total dork...which is always fun!

It was a great time and now for basically the rest of the weekend I'm feeling pretty sluggish. From the weather and from my busy schedule. Probably working out five days a week makes my body slightly tired as well.

No super exciting work for me at this point. Although, if you're looking for that, you might wanna check out Kevin's blog. Apparently he's got kids breaking stuff and peeing their pants just about every other day. It's great.


Blogger Pops said...

Chunjae Gongju. If this is Genius Princess, what's the words for Genius Prince? ( Chunjae Gong ?)
I'm Daniels Dad. Thank you for all the pictures and words you write about your experiences. I really enjoyed the pictures of the great wall of China.

6:21 PM  
Blogger glo said...

Hi Andrea I'm Daniels mom. Thanks for the pictures you've posted.They are very interesting.I have a question about the Forbidden City. Why is it called this when there are so many people visiting the place ? Thanks

6:27 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Pops: Chunjae Wangja is Genius Prince. Go ahead and use that one back home, see how it all pans out.

Glo: The forbidden city was closed to the public when it was used strictly to house royalty. Now it admits hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Thanks so much for checking out my site!

6:35 AM  

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