Sunday, August 28, 2005

Credit Card Camera

I gave myself a deadline and the deadline is here. I swore that I'd buy a camera before my mom got here, so this past weekend was the last one before she arrives...I did it. Not only did I buy a camera but I bought a WICKED camera. I had a camera in mind before I started shopping and so I looked around for a while at a place called Yongsan pricing it for a few hours. Rob was definitely helping me with the stuff that I didn't know (cameras...they take pictures...right?). It was great. After shopping around for a bit I bought it. It is a Casio Exlim. It's a very thin, grey camera with 3x zoom, 5 megapixels, antishake, and mpeg-4 movie (which means it takes some pretty sweet video with sound). The other thing, there is no delay when I go to take pictures. Y'know how some digital cameras take a second to actually snap the shot after you've pushed the button? Mine doesn't do that, it takes right away, which is pretty sweet. Oh yeah, the other thing that I love about it is the size of the screen. It's pretty huge, possibly double the size of the screen on the back of a regular digital camera taking up more than half of the back of my camera which is about the size of a credit card. More technically, it's a 2.2 inch LCD screen. Cool huh? If you want to see it online, you can check it out here:§ion=EXILIM%20Series&product=EX%2DS500
Or just check out and look for the EX-S500 Series.

After I bought my camera I was finally able to meet and hang out with Erin. It's been a while since the two of us got together. We went to Hyehwa and shopped a bit, although after dropping a significant amount of coin on the camera I was a little hesitant to spend any more money. We went to a really awesome restaurant that served Kimchi Jiggae (Korean Kimchi Stew, one of my favorite dishes here). It wasn't a spectacular restaurant, as most aren't about ambiance and atmosphere, but the food was great. They have little hot plates on each table and they bring you a pot of cold raw soup that cooks infront of you on your table. One was enough for Erin and I to share and it was super cheap too at $2.50 each. From there we grabed a Starbucks (costing more than my dinner) and headed to my house. Erin spent the night and we went to church in the morning. It was a lot of fun.

Well, since I have my camera I have a ton of random pictures, and I'm sure there will be many more to come. I'm super excited to take pictures of so much that I haven't been able to!

Six more days till my mom comes!!


Blogger Kev said...


Hot Camera!!!!

2:04 AM  
Blogger Mom said...

excellent camera!!
6 more sleeps!!
Love you

7:03 AM  

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