Monday, September 19, 2005

Back to the grind

Well, I've taken all of my vacation time officially. My mom came to Korea two weeks ago and left yesterday. We had a great time touring Seoul and visiting Jeju Island. I'm very glad that she came to see what I do, and where I work. She even got to sit in on a class that I taught, mind you the smallest of the classes that I teach. But it will be good to have a family member to talk to about Korea when I get home and feel like I am the only one with these fantastic memories.

Anyway, I have a load of pictures and I've put some of them on the internet incase any of you care to check them out. At: Also the link for this site is on the lefthand side of this page in the LINKS column.

On another note, I have about five months to go in Korea and I'm trying to work through some ideas for what to do when I'm all finished here. I know to most people it seems like a long way off, but to me, it's never too soon. So what I'm asking for is your prayers. Mostly that I can hear God's voice and that I can actually spend the time seeking it like I should in these decisions. I'd appreciate that a lot if you could pray for that.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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