Monday, August 28, 2006

Rachel's Stagette

I can't even tell you how well this weekend went. We all had an amazing time and came back utterly exhausted.

I also had my last trip with Moose this past week and there were no days off between my last Hoodapus trip through the Rockies and Rachel's Staggette in Whistler. On Saturday morning I drove downtown to pick up the 15 passenger van that we drove up in, drove back to my house, picked everyone up, and headed out. We arrived in Whister around 2:30 and just chilled out in the Cascade Lodge. Some of the girls went down to the pool and the rest of us just hung out on the balcony relaxing. We decided to wander around the village, shop, grab coffee, ect until it was time for dinner.

We ended up having dinner on a patio in the village at a place called Citta. It was nice, super relaxed and a good prep for what was to come. We headed back to the hotel to "dress up" in our pre-planned 80's attire and get Rachel all ready for the night. She ended up wearing a pink bodysuit, tights, and a pretty sweet veil and tiara (see pictures below).

Anyway, we headed over to a place called Garfinkles and partied there all night. We became quite well known as the "80's girls" as the night rolled on, it was a spectacle. There were 10 of us in total, and we all looked SO Flashdance it wasn't even funny.

I ended up seeing an old friend of mine from elementary/high school, Todd, which was totally random, cause I haven't seen him in proabably 8 years or so. It was super fun and Sheri and I ended up going out to his place after cause they were in Whister for a stag as well.

It ended up being a late night, with me "steamroller-ing" everyone who was already passed out. For some reason in my drunken state I thought it would be hillarious to jump in everyone's beds and start rolling over top of them just to piss them off.

At 7am I woke up after going to bed around 5, which sucked, I think my brain thought I had to get up for work. I ended up rolling outta bed at 8 to get things ready to go home. So, little sleep was had before I jumped back into the van and drove everyone back to Ladner before we all parted ways.

It all happened super fast, but it was loads of fun. I think everyone had a really wicked time. Rachel participated in all of our ridiculous "games" and "tasks" that we set up for her, including getting a piggyback ride from a stranger, practicing walking down the aisle, and asking a random guy for a condom. It was absolutely hillarious to watch and the group of girls that I was able to party with for the night were awesome!


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