Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cirque du Soleil - in Seoul!

Last weekend John and I were able to see yet another Cirque show, Alegria. We were fortunate enough to make this the second Cirque show in 4 months on two different continents. We saw Corteo in Vancouver in July. Alegria was amazing! We had great seats. Watching the show with a room full of Koreans was interesting as they basically clapped throughout the entire show, rather than waiting for the time to applause. It was pretty hillarious. I think that the only audience members who clapped at the usual times were foreigners. Anyway, it was exciting and even the music was incredible. It was a much needed night out for John and I, as John has been quite sick for a really, really long time.

Work has been...well, work and teaching ESL to unreceptive Korean kids is frustrating. Actually, I think that the most frustrating part is the $47,000 education that I have that is usless here. I have learned some really great teaching techniques and strategies in my year at teacher's college, yet the polar opposite happens here. Koreans aren't actually learning English, they're just memorizing. They're great at it, but there isn't actually ever a grasp on the English language, it's just a matter of memorizing and spitting it out for the next test, then forgetting the information....repeat.

This weekend is a much needed break, however. We are headed to a mountain called Seoraksan which is a few hours outside of the city. We are going on a tour with a company called Adventure Korea, so there should be about 50 other foreigners who are living and traveling in Korea which should make for a good time. We'll end up doing some hiking and sightseeing which will be great and I'm sure the less-polluted air will be welcomed as well.

I think that November is going to fly by fast. We've got plans every weekend from now until the end of the month including this weekends trip, a Korean wedding, and a trip to a theme park called Everland. So I'm sure there will be good stories to follow.

John in Namdaemun Market with actual "Poo on a Stick", only in Korea.


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