Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Kimchi and Aloe Milkshakes

Don't be alarmed by the title, we did NOT eat or drink Kimchi and Aloe Milkshakes! We (Rob, Derek and I) were just talking about different concoctions that we could create...we also just made some pretty wicked Strawberry-Kiwi-Bananna milkshakes that were awesome (thanks Rob!).

Work has been an interesting experience in the last couple of days. We have this new vice president and he's ok, but he has some really weird tendencies. Funny thing is, he's so nice to all of the foreign teachers, but when he talks to the Korean teachers he creates all these weird "rules" that he wants us to adhere to. For example "No talking except if you are asking questions about work related things." Ok, I know in some jobs it's super important not to talk cause you're focusing and what have you, but honestly, if you knew my job, you're realize how ridiculous that sounds. I think it's because he has pretty bad English and when we talk he can't understand us, so he assumes that we're gossiping or talking about him. He also had us all switch desks today. Just kinda random, "ok everyone switch your stuff around"...apparently there was some sorta system to what he was doing, we can't figure it out though. The good thing is, I'm further away from his desk (which makes me happy) so he can't tell me I'm talking too loud. It's kinda funny because in Korea women are expected to be much quieter than they are in North America. Can you see my issues? I'm not exactly the most delicate talker in the world, so I have problems speaking quietly. I have to consciously think about it while I'm there otherwise I'll get bad looks from other teachers and from my supervisors. It's a cultural thing I guess. Anyway, if I ignore my supervisors my job is great. I like being with the kids, I don't like dealing with the VP so much. He's just...so odd. He gives Rob back massages (male touching is common in Korean culture and isn't thought of to be "gay"), but let me tell you, Rob, being western is not used to the male closeness and quite often gets pretty creeped out at buddy guy always squeezing his arm or rubbing his back. And what do I do?....yup, laugh my head off. Typical Andrea stuff.

Here are some recently posted pictures of last weekend. If you want to see more pictures and read Rob's stories check out his site at:


Talk to you soon!!

Love Andrea


Blogger finch said...

hmm... rob doesn't seem to mind me touching him! but then, we share the bond of glorious flaming hair.

10:46 PM  
Blogger robtegelberg said...

glorious... glorious... but this i must say is a different kind of touching. like the time it went from lower back to but crack. I must say a little uncomfortable but hey im pretty much up for whatever.

1:41 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Rob quite enjoys the caress of another man, particularly Korean men. So all of you who thought he'd come home with a Korean girlfriend...well, let me tell you..."girls" might not be in the cards for him.

8:38 PM  
Blogger robtegelberg said...

To quote JScott... Gay ill show you gay... here comes the hook!!!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Sick. I can totally hear Jordan saying that too :)

3:27 AM  

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