Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Korean Phone Calls

I'd like to inform you all of my most recent experience: Ordering dinner by phone.

I'm currently at work and just finished dinner. Mmm Korean food. So yesterday a couple of Korean teachers that I work with were determined to teach me how to order dinner on the phone. A totally frightening thought to me because my Korean skills are lacking. Anyway, they basically wrote me out a script yesterday telling me what to say. It seemed easy enough, but still, it was in KOREAN, which made things a little difficult. Anyway, the teachers told me to go home and practice and that I had to order the next day at work. So I pretty much had it memorized when I realized tonight that the time had come to put my practice to use. So I called, here's what the conversation sounded like in English and Korean:

Hello (Annyong Haseyo) Come to Plus Academy on the Fourth Floor (Yogi noon plus hagwon sa chung ee yay o). Please give me one Jayook top bap (Jayook top bap hanna chuseyo).

And that's it...I know, it's not much. But think there was another Korean person on the line listening and a room full of Koreans watching me to see how I sound. I am now the "girl with the accent" and I sound funny to all of them. I'm never sure if it's cause I sound "different" like a British person does to us, or if it's cause I sound totally stupid and I"m butchering their language. Who knows. Regardless my order was a success, which is why I'm pleasantly full right now.

So last night, Rob one ups me (yes, another Rob story is coming....). I get this ordering "script" and Rob says "hey, gimme that. I'm hungry." He grabs the paper reads it twice, then picks up the phone and orders. We were all watching and waiting for him to screw up....but the thing is....HE DIDN'T! His food came about 10 minutes later. He actually quite amazed most of us (mainly the 4 other foreign teachers who were watching and waiting for his triumphant fall!). But no, Rob came through. It was impressive, I wish that you could have all seen it. I am certainly not that confident (I don't think Rob is either, he just doesn't care what anyone thinks or how he sounds), I definitely had to practice a ton before I even had the confidence to pick up the phone.

Well, I just thought that you should all know, we are learning here at Plus Academy. I swear we are learning more Korean than the Korean kids learn English! Who knows if I'm ever actually getting through to these kids. I don't think I'm here to save the world, just have a little bit of fun!

Talk to you soon, keep emailing!!!!!!


Blogger robtegelberg said...

yah i tried ordering again tonight. unfortunatly the person i spoke to had never heard of plus hagwan and what i wanted to order i had to order 2 helpings to meet the minimum money ammout for them to come deliver it. so i attempted and failed miserably thankfully jason a korean teacher was near so he helped me. but hey. i did step out on a limb here. and andrea's right i really dont give a rat's anus what people think of me or how i sound.

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