Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm feeling some sort of strange closure with Korea over these past few days. It's nice really because I don't feel like I'm in a panic to get things sorted. I feel like I'm just kind of slowly weaning my way out of things. I guess we'll see how I feel two days before I leave though. Anyway, I said goodbye to a few people this weekend. One, the people at my gym, whom I spent the most part of my summer days with. And another being Angie, possibly my favorite kid in Korea. She was my student for the first four months of my stay here, then she was another teacher's student, and then she changed academies altogether. All the while she continued to come by my house to hang out and even had me to dinner at her house with her family. She's about 11 years old and so much fun to have around. Always reminding me of just how much I love kids. It was sad to say goodbye because I know that I'm really going to miss seeing her around as much as I do now.

This past Sunday Matt, Kevin, Dan and I visited a North Korean style restaurant and had some NK lunch. It was pretty good, nothing wildly different, but pretty good overall. Matt did his typical random sleuthing and discovered this place through the newspaper and we all got to reap the benefits.

After lunch, Matt and I spent time wandering around the Hongik University area. I'd been there once when I first arrived in Korea...and again with the closure, it was nice to see it and have some more good times in it before I left. We did all sorts of odd exploring that day, like trying to get into Hongik University, which we did, although a security guard said something in Korean to us, which made us turn around and leave. We also visited some Korean bars with unique names. For example, our night begun at "Space Beer" which looked like a spaceship and progressed to "Cocks", "Ho's" and "Pirate Bar". It was a great time and just a preview to what kind of fun we'll have when Malaysia hits, or when we have our "Malay-over" as Matt likes to call it. It's going to be wicked. Anyway, three more weekends left until Japan strikes! That's out!


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