Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jamie's Birthday

Well, this past weekend not only consisted of me buying a 200GB external hard drive (and 1GB of RAM yesterday!) for my computer, but also of Jamie's 24th birthday (even though in Korean age he's 25 anyway).

Jennica planned a multi phase party, of which I attended all three phases. First was bowling at a random bowling alley in Suyu. It was fun because we didn't keep score, we just watched Nathan's random bowling style and did a LOT of trash talking (mostly started by Kevin...I think).

From bowling we moved to Sweet Tree restaurant in Junggye and had dinner with 21 others. It was a big group, but the best moment of the night was when the waitresses played the "Congratulations" birthday song on the speakers (no one actually sings) and Jamie's face went SOOO red. He tried to play it off by pointing at me, but no one bought it...the tomato red face gave it away.

After dinner we walked to Jamie and Jennica's apartment and had ice cream cake. The highlight of this phase was Jennica handing a plate of cake to Nathan and saying "do it!" and Nathan walked up to Jamie and smashed it in his face. At which time Jamie immediately accused Lydia of cooking up the whole idea...rumors dispelled, it was Jennica, so he couldn't actually get mad....or could he?

Anyway, it was a good time and great to hang out with friends. I'm really going to miss things like this when I'm gone. Although I'm very happy that most of my friends from here also live in the Lower Mainland.


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