Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last night I spent a night out with two middle school students. Once again, the youth leader in me can't be escaped, even in Korea. We went for dinner in Hyehwa, a university area in Seoul, ate pizza and then shopped a little before eating some Bing-su (ice flakes, fruit, and ice cream). We also jumped into a Korean style photo booth and got some pictures taken. You may have seen similar photo booths in Richmond Center, the ones that look typically "Asian" where you can doctor up the pictures with borders, stamps and writing. Yeah, that was the one. The girls, Princess and Betty, were really excited when they showed up at my house with gifts, Korean traditional dolls and some good luck thingy.It was nice to hang out with these students one last time, they were very appreciative of me, even though really I only taught them for four months when I first got here and then about 5 Saturday classes last semester. I've been trying to encourage them to do home stay in Canada for a year, but they are reluctant. Who knows, maybe I'll see them again.


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