Thursday, February 23, 2006

Octopus Extravaganza

Well, I can't tell you really just how odd my experience was tonight. I ate LIVE octopus. I swore before going for dinner with a few Korean teachers from my work that I wouldn't eat, that I would just watch, but they weren't having any of that.

The octopus comes to your table very fresh, they pull it out of the tank and immediately cut it up and put it on a plate on top of some sesame leaves with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The plate is moving like a pile of worms and you're expected to use your chopsticks to get a hold of one of these squirming tentacles, dip it in some sauce, and start chewing.

It didn't taste all that bad, but the feeling of something wiggling around in your mouth as you chew was kinda weird. I think that it was more the idea that got me than anything else.

I ate the octopus and I ate something else that I swore I'd never try...Silkworm Larvae. It was a night of adventurous eating, so I figured I'd go for it since I had already downed a chunk of Octopus. When you walk down the street in Korea past a silkworm larvae stand, you can't miss it, the smell is overpowering and makes me want to wretch. So it was no surprise to me when the larvae tasted exactly how they smelled. Not at first, but there was a definite aftertaste of putrid bug garbage. I don't reccomend it.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun just hanging out with these girls and I'm glad that I sucked it up long enough to even try what I did tonight cause I never thought I would.


Blogger Ryan Silverthorne said...

Thanks to you guys I tried it too (check out my blog). I was out with my boss and mentioned I knew some people who had tried it and low and behold it's right in front of my face. Not that bad though. Very squirmy! I chased em down with some soju. Yummy!

6:42 AM  

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