Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Self Esteem

It's got me thinkin...


Blogger Mom said...

good one Andrea...so now what?

Love you

7:45 AM  
Blogger Erin Davis said...

Hey what a crazy video. It was cool b/c I know all that airbrushing stuff happens but it was really weird to see the transition right in front of my eyes...
Your Mom makes a good point: Now what? Our perception of beauty is distorted... it's so hard not to buy into our image obsessed culture even though we know it's full of crap. I know it comes down to how we feel about ourselves on the inside (I cringe even as I write this b/c it's so cliche)... but seriously when we are bombarded by "perfect" outward images of beauty everyday, it's hard not to be affected even if we have an overall positive view of ourselves... *sigh*

2:25 PM  
Blogger robtegelberg said...

i think that its really funny that an add like that would be put out by DOVE, one of the most sexually advertizing companies out there. i mean come on do they think that this can make up for the fact that they have been doin exactly what happens in the clip, for the last 10 years?
anyway another funny thing to note is that I have 1000 more posts than derek and I havent updated my blog since india hahaahaaa

2:25 AM  

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