Thursday, March 24, 2005

What time is it there?

I think that the most frequently asked question when I talk to people on msn or on the phone is "what time is it there?" and my reply is usually "umm, i dunno, let me go grab my watch" cause lets be serious people, does it matter? When it's my day, it's your night, and when it's your day, it's my night...I'm seventeen hours ahead of you, time to do some math!! Right now I'm posting at 2:00pm on Friday Korea time, and it's 9pm on Thursday Vancouver time. I'm kidding, it doesn't actually bug me that much, but I do think it's pretty funny that it's the first thing everyone asks!

In Korea at this point I've been feeling quite isolated. Although I'm in the land of fast paced life, intricate subway systems, and cell phones as big as your pinky finger, I still don't have the communication network that I'm used to. I have no tv, no email, no computer, and up until last weekend no speakers for my ipod. I had nothing and in a loud city my tiny studio apartment was getting pretty quiet. It's a change that I wasn't really prepared for. I never thought that it would affect me in the way that it has. I know that it's really good for me to be away from what I'm used to, but I've got to admit, it's a little strange. I know that I clearly have access to internet at some points during the day, I have to to post this, but I'm used to having a computer at home, to check emails as often as I'd like and to flip on the tv while I'm doing it if I like, while running itunes and listening and downloading songs at my leisure. I feel very disconnected from the world that I'm used to. But, let's be serious, one of my first big purchases will be a laptop computer and internet access will soon follow. Yeah, the problem is not that I "can't" have internet, it's just that I don't have a computer...the other 3 teachers at my school have it in their apartments, it's just me that doesn't. Although I'm incredibly tempted to buy a Mac (because of my ipod), I think that I'll buy something like a Samsung, something that's made here anyway, cause you can get pretty wicked deals on computers here, especially since they're made here. Plus the technology in Korea is so far ahead of what North America has to offer, it's almost worth it to get something here that's just crazy-rad.

Anyway, that's life for me these days...although I did discover that if I adjust all of the cords to my tv in the exact right position I can vaguely intercept the "AFN" network, which is the Armed Forces Network designed for the army base in Itaewon (in Seoul). It's a desparate attempt to connect myself to some sources of media, although, I might add they are incredibly censored and edited for their military viewing audience.

I miss you all incredibly and I miss being able to just pick up the phone and talk whenever I want to. So for those of you who feel like chatting it up with me, feel free to give me a call. I'd love to hear from you. Calling between 4 and 8pm Vancouver time probably works the best, although I have received a couple calls from particular individuals at 3am...ahem *Kiki*. So, I look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

Love Andrea


Blogger robtegelberg said...

its 3 am your time (bc time) its 8pm our time so lets figure this out... if you wanna call us add 5 hours and switch from am to pm... if its 8pm your time its most certainly 1pm our time... so quit calling us at 10am your time cuz its 3 am our time the next day...
lol ahh that was mighty confusing.
but anyway keep on rockin the free world.
Robbie T
ps you can call me anytime i really couldnt care less, being that nobody's called me. :)

3:09 AM  
Blogger natalie said...

so...4-8pm Vancouver time! NOT saskatchewan time! bad, my bad....but you loved talking to me! ha ha

11:50 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Yes Nat, your call put me over the edge!! Hehe. No, kidding. Seriously though, people still keep calilng and asking me the time. My next question is..."have you checked my website lately?" ;)

3:26 AM  

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