Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shut Up is Bad Say

Well, I'm exhausted after a Thursday night at work. It always seems as if the kids are so incredibly wired on these particular days. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I had a class of about 11 year olds that I yelled Shut Up at and then proceeded to go on a tangent in fast and loud English at them. They didn't know what was happening, other than the fact that I was pretty angry with them and that I just screamed shut up at the top of my lungs to get their attention. Oh, and then I tossed one of the students in the hallway cause he continued to hit the kid next to him. I feel like I'm babysitting. Sometimes it's just so frustrating when kids don't listen, especially when their English is so limited that they're just sitting around hitting eachother in the face, or throwing stuff at eachother. Or even having their own broken English conversations that have nothing to do with the class. Irritating. I'm not sure why these kids have come to start thinking that shut up is like saying shut the EFF up, but they do, so that's the effect it had. Which I'm sitting here smiling about as I think back on the episode. Korea. Geez.

Anyway, on another note, I've realized that I've become a total nerd. The other thing I've realized...I LOVE IT. Ok, I hate getting out of bed in the morning, but here's what does it for me these days, and maybe you'll see signs of my ever increasing age. Coffee. A book. Jazz or Blues Music (like old skool Ray Charles and Miles Davis). Honestly, my mornings are perfect. I absoloutely love waking up, drinking coffee, getting some good tunes going, and reading a book. Most recently I have just finished a book called "Blue Like Jazz" by Don Miller. No that has nothing to do with me listening to jazz music, I've been on it for a while now. I read the book in a 24 hour binge to get to the bottom of what the guy was getting at. Turns out that his book has got a lot of my own thoughts right there inside! It's crazy when you open a non-fiction book and realize that you and someone else have the same crazy thoughts about life, church, and evangelism. It's a really good book, although I don't think it's for everyone. If you're not there, ready for it at the time (which is the same with any book), you might not like it. But I did. Not in a best book ever kinda way, but I just enjoyed it. Enough to finish it in a day to say the least. Anyway, if I can encourage any of you to wake up read books, listen to music and drink goodness, you'll be the happiest ever. Or at least I am, for now.

sidenote: other books currently on the go:
"Ruined for Ordinary" by Joy Dawson (part of my course package from church)
"The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant


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Blogger Sarah-Aubrey said...

Although my comment won't be half as exciting as AIM Launches Presence Program here, I've just finished "Searching For God Knows What" by Donald Miller (same author as "Blue Like Jazz") and, although a bit of a heavy, philosophical read, it's really good. I start "Blue..." this weekend and I'm totally excited about it because I've heard nothing but good things...

2:45 PM  
Blogger Kiki said...

BAMF! yell that at them and see how long they keep misbehavin'
ps. Etta James is my take on the jazz- i discovered her at an sbux one day during a work break and i am pretty happy to have found her "at last"

6:07 PM  
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Blogger andrew said...

it's simply impossible to live life to the full without mornings, music, coffee and reading rolled into one exquisite package.

6:23 PM  

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