Friday, March 03, 2006

Geisha Sightings

Ok, my trip was made entirely worthwhile tonight. Yes, I saw Geisha...not just one, or two...but TEN! Honestly, I can't even describe how excited I was when I saw the first one...or three, cause they were together. There were a bunch of foreigners around, but not as many as you'd think, and they'd just pop out from the alleys and into a teahouse or restaraunt as quickly as they could. Amazing really.

I took a whole bunch of pictures, but a couple of times I had to tell myself to relax and just see them instead of staring at my camera the whole time.

I probably waited outside for an hour in the freezing cold (not raining here, but still very cold) and I was handsomely rewarded. I swear, my trip has been awesome regardless of what else happens...or doesn't happen. I didn't think that seeing a Geisha was that important to me...but apparently it was, cause I rode the bus home by myself smiling and looking at my pictures. I'd love to show you them, but I'm not allowed to load them onto this computer here. So, hopefully when I get myself to Thailand I'll be able to post some. I've got some great ones.

And honestly, if you've heard that some people "might" have seen Geisha, it's not a "might" thing. I thought I "might have" before tonight and really, you know when you see one. It's truly incredible and a sight not to be missed. Actually, I enjoyed it so much that I think I might go back tomorrow night to see if I can find some more. Usually they're going to appointments between about 5 and 6pm.

Ohh man. So awesome!

As you can see, I'm still having a fantastic time. Saw some more temples today too and checked out some other cool sights. I thought that I might do a day trip to Nara, but I think there's too much to see in Kyoto, so I don't want to do anything else at this point besides look into this city more.

I also had awesome tempura tonight and soba noodles. Real Japanese food wins! Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go and scout out a couple of sushi bars, just hope it's not super expensive.

Anyway, time is running low. Oh yeah and Mi Keyung is meeting me in Chiang Mai on March 13th, which means that I'll have someone to do things with...besides randoms! I'm pretty excited about that.

Welp, time for bed.

Love ya!


ps Sake is WAAAY better than Soju (not that I've had excess, but just that I've tried to compare...that's all ^^).


Blogger robtegelberg said...

anderson!!! good to hear bout the giesha. pretty freaken jelous. Dude i wanna go back to korea already. canada is weird. such culture shock.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Mom said...

Andrea, I am very happy for you!
I can't wait for the photos
Love you

4:19 PM  

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