Sunday, September 28, 2008

Skype in Action

The time is almost here. I ALMOST have Internet and a cell phone number and...A pay cheque! This all goes down tomorrow and I'm looking forward to having contact again.

For now, I'm in a PC Bang making phone calls from the gamer headsets via Skype...however no one seems to be answering. So just a heads up for all you call screeners out there, if a weird number shows up...ANSWER IT! It's likely me calling on Skype.

As for the weekend, John and I met up with some other teachers and our director for some galbi lunch near our school. Galbi always seems so much better when Koreans are eating it with you. Is that weird? Probably, but I think it's true. Anyway after that we decided to venture down to Yongsan's Techno Mart. We were looking at everything from mini-laptops to new PS3's (for $300 no less...not the CDN priced $600). I think that John was in awe of all that was available for a relatively low price. He spent quite a bit of time perusing the Digital SLR cameras, hopefully he'll have his hands on one by Christmas time and then the blog pictures will really look good! Anyway, all we came home with at Yongsan was some speakers for the ipod/computer, which is really nice to have in our house right now since we still really have nothing, music seems so nice!

On Sunday we were on a mission to find "guitar shops" and I knew that there were some but I couldn't remember where they were. So we ended up just getting out at a Subway station (largely because John didn't realize that he didn't have enough money on his card to transfer) and we walked around downtown Seoul. I had a feeling that the guitar shops were in a place called Jongno and along the way we ended up wandering into Jogeysa Temple. It was a cool park and basically a shrine built in 1395 (and, surprise, surprise, burnt down by the Japanese and rebuilt in the 1600s!). Anyway, it was nice to walk around because it was all forested and John took a million pictures.

After the impromptu temple walk, we did end up finding the guitar stores. All of a sudden my radar kicked in and I just knew it was in a certain direction. We found tons of shops with new bass guitars and various other guitars and instruments. However, we didn't find any shops with much used gear. I think that it is in a building that was closed on Sunday. I'll have to figure it out.

We've also been watching a few Korean DVD's over the past few nights and have been pleasantly surprised. The Korean movies I had watched in the past really kinda sucked, but recently we have watched "Welcome to Dolmakgol" and "JSA" both were good, so we might have to see what else we can get ourselves into. At the moment our computer is serving as our DVD player and we've been wandering down to the DVD rental place nightly. Thankfully the woman there speaks a bit of English so she's able to help us out.

In exciting news, I found a guy who is moving back to his home country and selling all of his stuff, so John and I are buying most of it and should have our place furnished by the weekend. It'll be nice to have somewhere to sit for a change. We'll likely sell most of it before we leave next September, and we only have to invest about $250 to furnish the whole place. The school is also kicking in about $100 because we told them that we needed not one, but 2 wardrobes for our clothes, being that there is not one, but two people living in our apartment. Sometimes I wonder what goes through their minds when they are furnishing a foreigners apartment..."Hmm a bed and one wardrobe for this couple, that should do it..." Like seriously, are you that nuts?!

Anyway, I need some lunch before work. And remember...answer your phone! :)

As for today, nothing special, another day at work. all comes together!


Blogger Patti said...

I win!!!Thanks for the call you made my day!!!
Love you

9:24 PM  
Blogger Lydia said...

Your post brings back so many memories. I can smell the galbi and totally agree that Korean food tastes so much better with Koreans!! I can totally picture the guitar places too. Weird. Sounds like you guys are having fun, and have fun furnishing your place (Nathan and I lasted two years on one wardrobe...ridiculous).

10:39 PM  

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