Friday, November 04, 2005

I love it when he makes you laugh!

Feel like laughing? Alright, Dane Cook has a new-ish post on his website where you can see his standup in Las Vegas from early October.

If you want to see it here's what you do...
Go to
Click the VIDEO tab
On the left click "Dave Attell Insomniac Tour"

It's a three part clip and it's super funny. I love Dane Cook, he's hillarious and even better to watch than he is to listen to, just cause he's super animated.

If you haven't heard his new cd "Retaliation" yet, it's definitely worth downloading the double disc. You won't regret it.

If you have a good comedy bit or comedian I can download or listen to, let me know, I totally love it.

Listen to me using my blog to plug stuff. Geez that's getting annoying. But I can't help but share Dane with you cause I guarantee I'll make you a fan. I just love listening/watching stuff that makes me laugh and I always want to share it (as those close to me here in Korea probably know) so that you can laugh too! Plus all I do is work (6 days a week), so really, I just don't get out much these days!

Send me comedy!


Blogger Kiki said...

whoa pluggy mcpluggerson, whats with the bf photo there, you may as well post a half-naked fireman on your locker door.
its ok, i know you, like me, are obsessed.
and dont feel bad, there are no help-groups for this, so i guess you just have to keep it up.

1:00 PM  

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