Saturday, March 11, 2006

Trekking Pictures!

Alas, I've had the time and patience to post a few pictures. These are of the trek that I just went on in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And that's where I am currently as well.

As for Japan pictures. I think you'll have to wait...

Super cute kids trying to sell us bracelets. All you hear them say is "Hello 10 Baht" over and over. It begins to sound like one word after a while.

This is where we camped on the first night of the trek.
Lisa, Julia and Me having a very cold waterfall shower.
Elephants! They were massive but also very cool. We rode them for about an hour.
These two were little monkeys that I found in the Palong Village where we spent our second night of the trek.
Just after the bamboo raft. The guide in the yellow t-shirt pushed me off my raft at least once. I think I threw him in twice though. ;)


Blogger Mom said...

This is so cool Andrea! I can't wait to see you so I can see the rest of them....who knows maybe you and I can venture back to this place some day!!
Love you

11:19 AM  

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