Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Committment Issues

I'm going travelling with this yahoo for a month....and I'm stoked!

Well, I'm offically having to deal with this plague of committment that I typically fear.

This morning I booked 4 flights internally in Thailand for getting myself from Thailand to Singapore. Holy crap. AND I actually have in hand a ticket that confirms the major parts of my trip (Seoul-Osaka, Osaka-Bangkok, and Singapore-Seoul).

In other news, I'm settling into my semester here at Plus, which is fantastic because I'm outta here pretty quick, so it's smooth sailing from here. My students are fun and I'm liking my schedule more and more.

Also, I bought glasses here, which are SOOO cheap. Frames, perscription, eye test and lenses for a total of $40. Can't beat it. Anyway, the miracle is not that they're cheap, but that I've been wearing them for three days in a row. If you know me, even slightly well, you may not even know that I need glasses because I've just stopped wearing them. I got them first in grade nine and decided that they looked like crap, so just figured it would be better if I couldn't see. Anyway, I've got glasses that my students refer to as "Bbul Tae" which apparently refers to the style that they are, thicker rimmed plastic frames (kinda purpley grey).

Also, I'm becoming obsessed with funny videos, not dumb funny videos, but stand up type stuff or skits. (As if I ever wasn't obsessed with them, but I'm discovering new people...).
If you haven't yet been to The Lonely Island, you need to and check out the videos there.
Alternatively OR additionally, check out You Tube and search "Dave Attel" "Mitch Hedberg" and "Patrice O'Neal" and their performances on Comedy central. If you like laughing (and I know you do) you'll kill some time (or preciously spend your time) doing this....And then you'll thank me later!

Talk to you soon!


Blogger Mom said...

I am happy for you and your "International" travel plans even if I have to wait an extra two months for you to come home....
By the way I love your new glasses and I think I am not alone in realizing that you and the "yahoo" are wearing the same specs...

Love you tons

2:07 PM  
Blogger Lydia said...

The glasses look hot. Really. You should buy a couple more pairs before you head home. They are so amazingly cheap here, and getting some at home just busts the bank...

5:49 AM  
Blogger robtegelberg said...

The lonely island is rad... for all of those that havent seen it yet watch climbing, hope and just two guys!!!

11:16 PM  

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