Friday, August 24, 2007

Impatiently Waiting

Well geez. How long has it been really? But when life isn't as exciting as you wish it was, it's hard to write about it.

I'm impatiently waiting for everything right now it seems. Mostly for a job. I just finished teacher's college at UBC in July and I was all bright eyed and excited to get hired with any school district. Now, I feel like I'm ready to pull out my hair screaming just waiting for somebody...anybody, to give me a friggin job here. I'm happy to know at least that others are in my situation. I'm not happy that they're unemployed, however, I'm just happy that I'm not alone.

Anyway, otherwise I've been working at the tour company in the office. I think that I may have been better off just driving a few longer tours like I did last summer, because this has been one of the worst job situations I've been in. Terrible people, that's all I'll say. Oh well, everyone needs a bad job so that they can look back and tell stories. I've got lots. Then again I've always got some dramatic situation going on in my life.

I'm sure that soon more adventures will come and most defintely more travels. I'm tentatively planning a surf trip through Central America in May/June/July or something along those lines. If I could afford it, I'd leave tomorrow...but such is life.

On the bright side, I have a wicked new apartment downtown and I move in on Sept 1 so I'm totally stoked!