Sunday, June 29, 2008

Korea Part Deux

It all starts again.

I have signed a contract that begins on August 25th in Hyehwa, Seoul, South Korea. This time, instead of making the trek on my own, I will be going with John, who will also be keeping a blog.

For now, I am working on getting all of my visa doccumentation together. It's a lot more difficult this time around. Gone are the days of signing a contract and having a plane ticket within a week or two. The whole visa process takes about six weeks to process because we have to wait for our criminal record checks to come in the mail, and then we have to have them notarized at the Korean Consulate.

Regardless we only have a few weeks left at home before our giant adventure. I assume that we will probably be away for more than a year, because we have big travel plans for the future. I imagine that over the course of our year exploring Korea we will come up with a route plan and keep everyone posted on where we will be headed in the next year or so.