Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Schaaf and the Brats

Well I'm tired. As Rob likes to say, we're in "hibernation mode."

It's quickly becoming winter here in Seoul and I think that I'm a total Sally because I really can't handle cold. Maybe I'll just never be satisfied with a temperature that's even slightly extreme. From hot, humid summers, to winters that actually get below zero. Imagine that!

Anyway, three months to go. Sadly these last months will be spent entirely in winter.

I'm a little sad though, because in the last couple of days I've realized that I've been left to fend for myself in the jungle of boys that I have to hang out with in Korea. This situation Matt likes to refer to as "Schaaf and the Brats" aka "Sausagefest and a girl"

Erin, who had two months left in her contract, went home last week due to a tragic death in her family. She's not coming back. And Sarah, my closest friend and basically the only girl I spend a significant amount of time with, is finished her contract tomorrow. How sad is that?

Don't worry, I won't spend any more time feeling sorry for myself.

Sarah and Matt came over on Sunday night and spent the night for one last hang out and we ended up having an awesome time. Except for the part when Rob decided to try and fight me, tripped me and fell with all his weight on my wrist. It's pretty blue right now actually. However, when you catch an event like that on video, it's always worth the pain.

I was really excited about taking a ton of video, so I've been going camera crazy. I even bought a 1GB memory card for my digital camera. It now takes an hour of solid video or 1300 pictures on one memory card. How stoked am I? I also decided to pick up a dvd burner while I was at it. I've been downloading seasons of Alias and I really needed somewhere to put them because my computer was getting pretty full.

All of these electronic purchases led me to realize just how blessed I really am. I mean, I have the means to buy stuff that I don't really need and I really don't deserve. Yet, I'm still able to have them. I'm not saying that I'm trying to excuse the fact that I've spent a lot of money in the past 9 months on electronics (computer, ipod, camera, burner, memory cards, ect). But I'm just really grateful that's all. I've been blessed to receive a lot of things out here, not only material stuff, but super awesome friends, a nice place to live, a steady job. It's really more than I deserve.

More than any of us deserve.

Really, it is.

This is Sarah showing us that if you want to look like you are just "shapes" without a bodyline, that all you have to do is shove a touque down your pants.

I am die. Me after Rob literally JUMPED on my wrist leaving it very BLUE.

This weekend was full of Matt and I continually making video on our cameras and then watching it ten minutes later. It's like making your own TV, then watching it instantly. Gotta love it.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Pepero Day!

Now, I know that most of you in Canada have been taking your "moments of silence" for Rememberence Day, while we here in Korea have just celebrated another holiday that you might not even be aware exists. Pepero Day (heard of Pocky? Those chocolate covered cookie sticks? --same same). Anyway, the Pepero company initiated a "holiday" where you give other people Pepero. Now, if that's not an ingenius sales approach I don't know what is. Anyway, I gave some to my kids, but the number of chocolate cookie sticks that I got was ridiculous. I can NEVER eat this much Pepero if I tried. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and packaging. I got one Pepero that came in a purse complete with sparkley rhindstone handle, and one Pepero cake from the bakery made to look like a Pepero. It was pretty hillarious.

Anyway, I took some pictures so that you can see the crazy packaging and realize that they really do celebrate this here.

As you can see Pepero comes in different shapes sizes and coloured packaging!
Really, it's like reverse trick or treating. Kids give me candy and I don't even have to ask!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Kimbap Antics

This weekend your friend and mine, Matt Davis, initiated a "Make your own Kimbap" party. Although it only consisted of Me, Rob, Kevin, and Matt, it was indeed a party. For those who aren't Korean, or semi-Korean, kimbap is basically like the Japanese equivelant of sushi. Seaweed, rice, and filling. Usually in Korea the basic ingredients are ham, egg, radish, cucumber, and various other ingredients. We are not quite at the kimbap creating level of the Korean agimas who have been doing it for EVER! But we still created edible dinner.

I think that Rob wins the prize for rolling the best kimbap. Matt and Rob also thought that it would be ma-shi-soy-oh (delicious) to create a peanut butter and jam kimbap. So they did. They claim to this day that it was fantastic, however, I tasted it and it was disgusting, I almost wasn't able to get it down. There's something about seaweed, rice, crunchy peanut butter, and jam that doesn't sit well in your mouth.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the gala event...

Rob and Matt with the infamous Peanut Butter and Jam kimbap. It was honestly disgusting. However, I know that Rob will follow this post contrasting this thought ;).

Me and Rob looking like tools as usual with our kimbap rolls.

Kevin's bbq chicken kimbap.

Kevin trying to look like he's in mid-roll action (he staged the shot...) and me trying to shove my finger in his face.

Matt, the initiator of Project Kimbap, after his meal.

Friday, November 04, 2005

I love it when he makes you laugh!

Feel like laughing? Alright, Dane Cook has a new-ish post on his website where you can see his standup in Las Vegas from early October.

If you want to see it here's what you do...
Go to www.danecook.com
Click the VIDEO tab
On the left click "Dave Attell Insomniac Tour"

It's a three part clip and it's super funny. I love Dane Cook, he's hillarious and even better to watch than he is to listen to, just cause he's super animated.

If you haven't heard his new cd "Retaliation" yet, it's definitely worth downloading the double disc. You won't regret it.

If you have a good comedy bit or comedian I can download or listen to, let me know, I totally love it.

Listen to me using my blog to plug stuff. Geez that's getting annoying. But I can't help but share Dane with you cause I guarantee I'll make you a fan. I just love listening/watching stuff that makes me laugh and I always want to share it (as those close to me here in Korea probably know) so that you can laugh too! Plus all I do is work (6 days a week), so really, I just don't get out much these days!

Send me comedy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thinking Christmas Yet?

Well I know that I sent a mass email to some of you asking you to support the The Simon Poutney Foundation. For those of you I didn't ask, here's me asking you in a little bit of a different way.

My friend and an ex boyfriend, Simon Poultney, died a little over a year ago. His tragic death lead his family to immediately initiate a foundation in his name to complete and begin some of the visions that Simon had to help others live better lives. Simon was a super wicked guy, he was composed of a little bit of everything and he had ideas that, for a guy his age or for any age, would rock your socks off.

The Poultney family has a new ministry that is getting off the ground as of recently. There have been trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa this past summer in order to scope out an area that would be blessed by the foundation in community development. Africa is a continent close to the family's heart as that is where they are originally from. The Poultney's also have plans to assist in a local community development project in Alberta, where they currently reside.

All this to say, Jenny Poultney's book, Jameela's Jangles, is for sale and all of the profits go to the Simon Poultney Foundation. So if you're interested in supporting them and at the same time getting someone a cool and totally original gift, check out their newly formed website that will give you a little more information. It will give you a little more of a rundown on what projects they will be taking on.

If you would like to buy this book, I reccomend going to the The Simon Poutney Foundation website and contacting the Poultney's from there. This is because you can deal directly with the Poultney family and more of your proceeds will be received by the foundation, rather than going through the publishing company.

The Poultney's are possibly one of the greatest families I have ever been blessed to know. Their ability to take things in stride and still be glowing with Gods love continues to amaze me. This family is incredibly close to my heart and it would make me so incredibly happy if you would take the time to check out the site and even go so far as to buy just one book.

Thanks so much,