Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hey There

Well, I've been back in the motherland for a few hours and it's been crazy so far. I had quite the grand reception at the airport in Vancouver when I arrived. The loudest voice was by far Dave who was screaming, "Yeah Dude, Yeah Andrea!" at the top of his lungs when I walked out of customs.

I haven't slept much. I napped for about 30 minutes before my sister woke me up by getting in my face saying, "I got an A+ in my class!". And here I am thinking..."Who cares, I'm sleeping!"

Tonight me and a few friends headed out to The Landing despite my incredible exhaustion and had a few drinks. It was definitely nice to be around really rad friends who missed me a lot (and whom I missed as well!). We had a really good time and I'm looking forward to tons more hangouts to come.

Korea was a good time as well. I had an incredible reception from the friends I left behind there and we ate really awesome bulgogi (thanks Nathan and Lydia!) and had a good last chill night before I caught my 11 hour flight home. Let me tell you, that was incredibly weird knowing that my plane was this time bound for Canada.

It's bitter sweet ending my time backpacking, but it's always good to be home. Good to be home long enough to start planning another trip!


Blogger Daniel D. said...

Good to see you again. Wish I could have seen some pictures of your trip! I will be looking for them.


6:27 AM  
Blogger Jamie and Jennica said...

Yay Canada!!How's the air over there? Are you busy doing wedding stuff with your sister now? Can you take some pictures of home and post them on your blog...? I miss home. Glad you made it back safely.

6:52 PM  

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