Friday, April 07, 2006

Surfin USA

Today was an eventful day that began with snorkling and included Matt and I holding various animals that this guy kept throwing into our hands including a sea turtle, a tucan, an eagle, a bat, a clingy little monkey like creature, and a snake (only held by Matt cause there's not WAY anyone's gonna make me hold a snake!).

It was a good time.

Afterward I decided that since I'm at Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia, which is one of the top surf sites in the world, that I'd book a surfing lesson. For pretty cheap I get an Aussie dude to show me what the heck I'm doing. I'm not sure if I'll like it, or if I'll absolutely hate it and never want to try again, but we'll see what happens after tomorrow. I guess the whole "when in Rome" thing applies yet again.

Other than that I'm having a great time. This place is very chill and I'm seeing another side of this island that I didn't see when I was here in 2002 (pre-Kuta Beach terrorist bombing). It's nice and things are very cheap here, which is always a plus.

In other news, I have a flight booked home! It's official. At 11:10am on April 26th I'll be arriving in Vancouver and looking forward to seeing everyone! It's not for 2 1/2 weeks yet, but I'm still looking forward to just chilling out at home for a bit.

It's been a while...geez has it ever been a while.


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I don like snake.

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