Thursday, April 27, 2006

Indonesia - in Review

My last night in Indonesia was spent chillin with some locals at one of the guys' houses.
One of the dudes had a wig, so we busted it out for some pictures.
At a club in Kuta called Bounty, wrapping up the last night I was to spend there.
This guy was selling very large knives on the ferry between Lombok and Bali. He didn't mind posing for pictures.
Gili Trawangan. What a wicked beach.
Mmmmm surfing.
This little girl was the daughter of the manager at my hotel in Kuta. She loved my ipod and wanted to keep it along with my camera. She didn't speak English at all, but only every said "Allo, Allo?" when she wanted to find me. She was very cute.


Blogger Kev said...

7 pictures down, 993 to go!

Looks like it was a great trip. I bet your glad you did it.


5:54 PM  

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